Monday, October 9, 2017

“Necklace” unsupervised learning algorithm.

There are some entities which are easily comprehend by almost everybody, yet are very difficult to describe in details or give strict science definition. That is true for almost any term from the field of our intelligence, and term intelligence itself. Thought, feeling, understanding, consciousness, learning, recognition and the interest, the sense of beauty in image, form, melody, and the sense of humor. It is hard for intelligence to formulate these entities, same as it is hard for a snowman to answer “what is snow?” question.

I feel that “Interest” is the one among these entities, that is undeservedly deprived of attention from AI researches. And the one that I am long interested in.

In the 4 pages pdf paper below you can read my thoughts on the interest and how it can help to build unsupervised learning HTM.

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