Monday, June 6, 2016

So. What that will be like.

My real AI will be a software.
It should "live" in some world, real or virtual.
It should be connected to a real time sensors, to have real time data.
And it should have some real time outputs, connected to devices, wich can operate the body in the world... thereby changing incoming data flow, from the sensors.
It will learn patterns, only those, wich it will be able to find. Patterns will be not restricted by time.
Patterns will not be restricted by data type: incoming, outcoming, and deep dots will be the parts of a pattern.
"It" just must be something recognizable and unique, to be a pattern.
The single-step(flat) pattern will be just a special case of time-sequence pattern with the zero time period.
The patterns will be in a fuzzy logics. And they will not be a "space distributed", in means of Numenta and followers. (No random initiate data please!, thank you).

It will have "good-meter" behaviour targets.
And it will plan it behavior with the help of reality modeling(consciousness), that will use curent data and the prediction, based on the patterns base. Plus some imagination.

And, the cake's special cherry, - "it" should be curious.  Yes, that is one of a generous real-general AI aspect. It should have curiosity and the abilities to act curiously.
And this curiosity will be a part of behaviour.

So, here it is, the result of a few years thoughts in a 5 minute text.

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