Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Little close to create god. But what for?

Self-improved real artificial intelligence will finally self-improove himself to some beyong state. And therefore will be all-knowing. As the proverb says knowledge is power. So it will probably become all-powerful.
The only all-powerfull thing we can imagine is a god.
That is why we are little-close to create god.

What kind of a god would you create? What goals, what intentions, what missions would you gave to him?

The first answer coming to the most minds:
"Peace on earth and hapiness to all the people."
That could include victory over poverty, victory over every desease, ethernal life and all that.

That is what I call acetic bacterium manager.
Let's imagine that some acetic bacteries in some 5 liter canister was lucky to create some prosperic technologies. They was able to create intelligence creature, with the unlimited power. They create something like... you, for instance. And all they want from you is to maintain their 5 liter canister in perfect acetic bacteries conditions, for them to have "peace and hapiness".
Don't you think that will be too litle, for the creature like human?

At the same time we can't imagine goals for the creature like god.
I'v tried, and I asked my friends for any thought on the matter, with no result.

The only win-win answer I have is to set up his mission for knowledge. That in fact delaying of the answer, but there is some point in such delaying.

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