Friday, August 5, 2016

If you ask me.

If I ever will interview someone to real-AI developer position, then wrong answers to some of these would be critical.

What is Human?
Human is a living being. Need details? Human is an mammal animal. If I hear someone disagree that, then I am asking back with the raised eyebrows: "Not an animal? What then? A mushroom or a plant?"

Is that possible to create mashine that will act similar to human intelligence?
Yes. No discussion with those who disagree.

What is the meaning of life?
Meaning is when someone have a meaningfull plan or reason in something. Like the meaning of saucepan is to cook sauces in it. When life orginated on earth, there was no intelligent life to have any meaning of anything. So the question is nonsense.

What is Intelligence?
The feature of a living being(so far) that helps forward them to behave better, according to their biological needs. I can't say where exactly intelligence starts on the line from unicellular life sensor-reaction behavior, to behavior of Albert Einstein. But I put this point closer to start, then most other people do.

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